Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I love my hairdresser!

I love my hairdresser. I walk in tell her I want to color my hair bright red...I'm brunette...and she doesnt even bat an eye. She just asks me if I want highlights or lowlights in the red. So I went in the other day and told her that I want to cut three inches off and I want bangs. I love the girl. All she asked was if I wanted layers. I had a hair dresser one time that actually argued with me about the way I wanted to cut my hair. I will never use another hairdresser again!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Have I mentioned that I love to eat? Well I do. I love eating all kinds of food, as long as I don't have to cook it or clean up after we eat. Here's the problem...I'm not as active as I once was. I used to dance 40 hours a week, ballet, tap, jazz. Hell I could eat a whole chocolate cake and never gain an ounce. Lets just say that this is no longer the case. I smell chocolate cake and a whole pound materializes on my ass. So do I go out and run 2 miles everyday or do 100 situps. Nope, I sit here and bitch about it and shove another piece of cookie in my mouth. Productive I know. Now Gladys tells me, don't eat carbs, don't eat sugar, dont eat fruit. Just shoot me. Needless to say I fell off that wagon and didn't even bother runing to catch up to it. Eventually I will have to do something or everyone will see me on that TLC show that tells us about the 800 lb woman. Least I'll be famous. See, I'm a glass is half full kinda girl.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Would you believe it if I said...

Ok, so I'm standing by my car when this guy who has on a zoo uniform comes to me and says "you have to help cathc this rampaging elephant before he hurts somebody!" Me being aware that this is my moment to do my civic duty I grap a rope and begin to hunt the elephant to the nearest wooded spot....what is that....oh....you don't believe that uh? Well.....how bout this

So I'm standing next to my car when I see one of my beloved clients being assualted by a big ugly evil drug dealer. My poor little client is cowering in fear and shaking uncontrollable. This is my moment to help the helpless, defend the defendless, rescue the rescueless (I think you get my point there). I charge after the horrible drug dealer knocking him to the ground where we tussel for what seems like hours. After hog tying the low down dirty scoundrel (I've always wanted to say that) my client begins to cry and thank me profously....oh....wait, you say you don't believe that either.....darn.....

Ok, so the truth of the matter is I was standing next to my car (see I don't lie all the time) and I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing because it was raining and I didn't want to get wet. I went to open my car door and conked my self in the head with my own car door. But when people ask me where I got this cut and ugly purple bruise I'm gonna say I was hunting elephants and wrestling with drug dealers. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

While driving to the grocery store today I got to thinking about my grandfather. For those of you (my whole 1 follower, thanks Mom) who read my mom's blog right here, you know about Trooper Bob. Trooper Bob is my grandfather and one of four men that mean the most to me in my whole life. Trooper Bob walked me down the aisle at my wedding and gave me away. So anyway, I got to thinking about the time my mom and I lived with my grandparents. I had to go to the dreaded Grandma's House (an afterschool daycare) until my Trooper Bob could come pick me up. I would sit outside and watch the road just waiting for him to come rescue from my hellish prision. I would practically jump the fence and hang onto the bumber of his truck. If I got real lucky, he would take me to Dairy Queen so I could get a chicken finger basket. Sometimes we would see old ranchers sitting there eating an ice cream cone and Trooper Bob would stop and talk to them. I also remember hanging out with Trooper Bob in his shop and listening to the radio that played big band music.

Trooper Bob showed me what a real man is and how to be loving toward others. Trooper Bob personified fun, love and I will always love and respect him. This is me saying that Trooper Bob was an important part of my life and still is. I love you Trooper Bob.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ok, so I'm a stupid mom. My 3yr old daughter, Miss Priss, wanted a whistle. Well, at the time I didn't think that was going to be a problem. Well, here I sit with Miss Priss in her room supposed to be sleeping just blowing away on her whistle. I know, I know, real slick move there on my part. She's been blowing on the whistle and yelling "CHARGE"! Do you remember that movie Arsenic and Old Lace and how the brother or cousin (can't remember) thought he was Teddy Roosevelt and would always yell "charge" and then run up the stairs to his room. Yeah, that's Miss Priss.

In my next life, I want to be a rock.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've always enjoyed photography. I like to take pictures of random ordinary things and see if I can make them beautiful. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This rocks are actually a walking path. I thought the pattern was intriguing. I like this photo. To bad Miss Priss doesn't like to stand still long enough for photos. This is one of my hobbies that I would like to do more of. Its just a matter of finding the time, you know somewhere between 4 and 6 am.

Ok, here we go.

Just so you know, my mother has the gift of gab. Lets just say that I fell very very far from that tree. I am not naturally a big talker. I like to listen and watch. This may be the reason why I am so good and taking care of "crazy" people. I remember listening to my grandfather and my great great uncle tell stories. I love going through old family photos and learning the story behind the picture. I want someone else to tell the story, I just want to soak it in.

So why am I trying this? Glutton for punishment I guess. Need some work on my writing skill. Maybe, I want to give story telling a try. This blog isn't going to be for everyone, but if it reaches one person (even if its just Mama) then thats enough for me.